A Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) approach to explore the knowledge, attitudes, and practice of water, sanitation, and hygiene in rural Ghana
Alcohol Consumption Among Teenagers in Trujillo, Peru
Cervical cancer survival in high-risk region: Trujillo, Peru
Evaluation of risk and carriage rate of enteric pathogenic organisms in four rural communities in Hainan, China
Food Consumption and Nutrition Among Teens in Trujillo, Peru
Global Health Scholars: Resettlement Initiative
Global Health Scholars: Resettlement Initiative
Global Health Scholars: Sharing Initiative
Handwashing and Education Level in Rural Ghana
Integrated Management of Childhood Illness in Kumasi, Ghana
International Engagement Initiative
Patient Safety in the Operating Theatre: Implementation of a Surgical Safety Checklist in Mutengene, Cameroon
Peptide YY, Ghrelin, Leptin and IL-10 As Mediators of Appetite and Response to Treatment in Peruvian Adults with Tuberculosis
Qualitative analysis of clinical exposure obtained providing Home Based medical care to Alaska Native/American Indian population by Physician Assistant students in Northern Utah
Sources of Health Information and Relative Impact Among Women in Armenia
Surgery in the "2nd" World
The 4th Street Ophthalmology Clinic: Screening for Eye Disease in Homeless Populations
The Global Health Scholars Scholarly Dialogue Initiative
The need for national cancer registries: Comparison of a Peruvian regional cancer registry with WHO cancer estimates
Unintentional home poisoning among children in rural Ghana: A community survey of knowledge, attitudes and practices.
Using a multi-theoretical model to design supplementation interventions
Ward Boys in Gujarat, India: Doing Much More than Meets the Eye
Water, Sanitation and Understanding of Germ Theory in Rural Ghana
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