The Global Health Scholars Scholarly Dialogue Initiative

Kallie Bracken, Jennica Galloway, Rico Oregon, Mary Ta, Advisor: Dr. Stephen Alder

The University of Utah Honors College

Global Health Scholars (GHS) is an Honors College Scholars group of undergraduate students that seek to learn more about global health and to be actively involved in improving the health of communities locally and around the world. GHS has four initiatives: The Resettlement Initiative, the International Engagement Initiative, the Sharing Initiative and the Scholarly Dialogue Initiative. The Resettlement Initiative focuses on improving the resettlement process for the refugee community in Salt Lake City. The International Engagement Initiative allows GHS students go to Ghana, Peru, India and China to be a part of global health projects. Through the Sharing Initiative GHS seeks to share knowledge and research findings within the University and the broader community. Lastly, it is by the Scholarly Dialogue Initiative that GHS students study global health and principles that can be applied in the action initiatives, locally and abroad. This poster focuses on the Scholarly Dialogue Initiative; it discusses how GHS students work to expand their knowledge of global health as well as the concepts that they use to apply their knowledge into action.  Global health is a broad and complex topic that must be viewed from many angles, with input from experts of many different fields. Through readings, discussing current events, and learning from research, GHS students are able to expand their knowledge of global health. With that knowledge, and with the understanding of the principles of Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR), GHS students enter into the scholarly process of applying knowledge into action.

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