Global Health Scholars: Sharing Initiative

Maryana Boulos, Jason Chen, Collete Ankenman, Rosalie Griffin, Molly Pace

University of Utah Honor's College

Communication is an important aspect of developing a well-designed program because it gives groups and communities the ability to work constructively and make powerful collaborations. The Sharing Initiative component of the Global Health Scholars was created specifically to address the importance of communication that our group needs to remain sustainable and to have a long-term impact on campus and in global health. Our undergraduate student group at the University of Utah engages in global health practices by working together on campus and within our community. We come from several different areas of study, but we all desire to improve our knowledge of public health by participating in scholarly dialogues, working with resettled refugees, and traveling abroad to learn about Community-Based Participatory Research. Our ability to engage in several global health practices is only possible because we maintain good communication among our many global health partners such as members of the Public Health Department at the University of Utah, coordinators at the Honor’s College, the Utah Refugee Services Office, and resettled refugee families. Our well-thought-out collaborations have allowed us to make several equitable exchanges in the interdisciplinary global health field, and we plan to make many more efforts with a similar model.

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